Strolls around Cazouls-d'Hérault

Circuit of the menhir of Peyreficade in Caux

Circuit on the flow of the volcano of Baumes to see the menhir of Peyreficade, without particular difficulty.
Commune : Caux Average duration : 2h45 Difficulty : Medium

Departure from the Boulevard Anselme Nougaret in Caux

The Circus of Mourèze

Discover the dolomitic cirque of Mourèze, shaped by erosion, with exceptional views of the Salagou Lake and the Mediterranean coast.
Town : Mourèze  Departure at Mourèze - 34 - Hérault  Duration average: 2h50  Difficulty : Medium

The Aven du Trou du Duc

A hike without difficulty allowing you to discover an old railroad and its tunnel as well as a geological curiosity while enjoying the natural heritage of the Herault back country.
District : Saint-Pargoire  Departure : Saint-Pargoire - 34 - Hérault 

Average duration : 1h35  Difficulty : Easy

Loop under the Pioch Madame

Easy hike to do with the family outside the hot summer hours. Walk in the garrigue on the Pioch Madame, on the northern side of Villeveyrac. View on the plain of Villeveyrac, the Causse d'Aumelas and its windmills and until Montpellier.Birds of prey to observe, and as a bonus the little bustard for the luckiest ones.
City : Villeveyrac  Departure at Villeveyrac - 34 - Hérault Average duration : 1h55  Difficulty : Easy

Vines and volcanoes of Fontès

A route partly in the vineyards and on the volcanoes of Céressou and Baumes which surround Fontès makes us discover viewpoints until the sea.
Average duration: 4h00 Difficulty: Medium Departure at Fontès - 34 - Hérault